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DIAC offers over 500 Higher Education Programmes, including Diplomas, Undergraduate Degrees and Post Graduate Degrees. The courses offered by our universities are offered in line with the workforce needs of the local economy and the world at large. DIAC universities feature courses in:

  • Audio Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Diplomacy
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Studies
  • Fashion Design
  • Film Making and Animation
  • Finance
  • Architecture
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Healthcare Management
  • Islamic Studies
  • IT
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Mass
  • Communication
  • Media
  • Nanotechnology
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Solar & Alternate Energy
  • Interior Design
  • Trasnport and Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management


  • DIAC Week of Welcome
  • DIAC Career Fair
  • DIAC Open Day
  • DIAC Sports Cup

The DIAC Week of Welcome or ‘W.O.W.’, is our yearly event that provides students with the opportunity to meet new classmates and future friends while taking part in a number of exciting activities.

W.O.W. is open to all students in Dubai, from existing university students to those in their final years of high school. It is an opportunity for the Emirate’s student population to come together, mingle and network in a relaxed, but informative environment. It is also a smart way for students in high school, and those starting to think about their options in higher education, to witness firsthand what a truly international college lifestyle is all about. All those visiting during W.O.W. will have access to International Branch Campuses based at DIAC and DKP, as well as the opportunity to hear real accounts of life in higher education from current students.

W.O.W. is designed to provide students with a smooth transition to campus life and culture, by allowing them to become familiar with the new environment, network with their peers and meet faculty members and staff in an informal setting. Consequently, DIAC Student Hub, the official representative of the DIAC student body, has come up with a variety of events such as art and music taster sessions and performances, sports events, gaming and fashion competitions and food sampling opportunities. Activities will be spread across different areas of the campus in order to enable students to familiarise themselves with its layout and the multitude of first-class facilities provided within DIAC and DKP.

Dubai International Academic City’s annual DIAC Career Fair brings together students, graduates and leading recruiters from the public and private sectors.

Aimed at graduate and post-graduate students from 25 Academic Institutions from DIAC, the fair provides a forum to students to network with employers and discuss a wide variety of internship and full-time recruitment opportunities. The event is organised by DIAC Student Hub, the official representative of the DIAC student body, as a part of a series of initiatives structured to support and foster students’ progression and growth.

The event will have representatives from leading companies on hand to answer questions and conduct on-site interviews. There will also be practical help with job searches and interview techniques for students.

DIAC Career Fair offers recruiters an unparalleled opportunity to meet and engage with a pool of highly talented students, representing a range of academic disciplines at both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree level. These students have majored in a wide range of disciplines such as finance, human resources, telecommunications, fashion, arts, biotechnology, engineering, audio and film production (including animation and game development), travel and tourism, mass media communication, logistics, healthcare and information technology.

For more information and participation details please contact ShazadiDurrani:
Email: Shazadi.durrani@diacedu.com
Phone: Direct: +971 4 390 0337

The DIAC Open Day, a university and career guidance day, aims to provide a common platform for universities, students and parents to interact and explore various career areas and higher education options available in the academic hub. The DIAC Open Day is for parents and students in Years 10 – 12 who are considering selecting degree programmes in the near future.

Whether you are a counsellor, teacher, parent or prospective student, this is a 'must attend' event.

Initiated in 2011 and the first of its kind in the region, the DIAC Sports Cup is designed to provide an extra-curricular platform for students to meet and network with their peers in a constructive way. DIAC uses sporting events to encourage friendly-competition that inspires team work and collaboration - the cornerstones of a successful career.

The DIAC Sports Cup is an inter-university tournament of sports including Cricket, Football, Basketball and Volleyball and prizes are awarded to the winning athletes in each category.



Arjun Srinivas
University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD

When Arjun Srinivas graduated from the University of Wollongong in Dubai with a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in 2012, he had no idea that in just three short years he would find himself far from the world of commerce and instead on a beach in Fiji filming his latest acting role.

Srinivas is currently starring in Yalli, a Tamil movie which comes hot on the heels of two other leading film roles for the budding star. Over the course of his short professional acting career, he has been a hit with the growing Chennai film industry, proving able to play both the romantic hero in Vazhapazham, and the villain in Raman, two movies which are expected to be released later this year.

"When I was growing up, all I knew is that I wanted to be in a field where art was involved", explains Arjun. "After I graduated from UOWD,I relocated to Chennai with nothing in my hands, determined I would do everything I could to give it a shot at breaking into the industry that I'd been captivated with since I was a child. And if it didn't work - well, I had a good degree from a good university which provided an element of security."

With no formal acting training when he first started out, the road ahead for Srinivas was never going to be an easy one. "The past three years have been a lot of hard work. I've had to sacrifice a lot, along with brushing up on my acting and dancing through taking regular classes. There’s no fixed salary doing what I do, and trying to make it has been really tough at times” says the actor.

The road to success has seen Srinivas host a number of reality shows for Raj TV, a network which owns channels in multiple languages covering southern Indian States. He also had a stint as an Assistant Director for an advertising agency.

Srinivas believes that although his career isn’t directly related to his degree program, his studies at UOWD have proven imperative to his success. “UOWD is such a multicultural place; it means that wherever life takes me now I never feel out of place. My ability to network successfully was so important too – a skill I learnt at university.”

And his top tips for the next generation of actors looking to break in to one of India’s biggest film genres?

“Many people think that acting is easy, that it’s a bed of roses. But it requires a lot of struggle, modesty, honesty, hard work- and, to be completely honest – a bit of luck too.”


Clifford Lewis
University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD)

Dubai-based campuses of major international universities are encouraging a new type of research culture which encourages cross-cultural experiences to be at the forefront of academic study, according to the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD).

Since 2012, over 20 students have chosen to continue their studies at UOWD’s parent University, the University of Wollongong (UOW) - located 85 kilometres from Sydney, Australia. Vice versa, students from UOW and the University’s Malaysian campus are also offered the opportunity to further their education at UOWD, adding to the 114 different nationalities that currently study at Dubai’s oldest private University. Many of the students who have taken part in the transfer program have gone on to achieve considerable academic success.

One such student is Clifford Lewis. Clifford has recently completed his PhD which focuses on what it takes for a tourist destination to be considered fashionable and draws on his experiences of living and studying in Dubai and Wollongong. Unusually within academia, his research was jointly supervised by faculty based in two countries – Australia and in the UAE – and led to him drawing up a framework which can be used by destinations to gain competitive advantage by becoming fashionable.

Clifford’s journey began in 2006 when he started his Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) degree at UOWD. A year later, he took the decision to transfer to the University’s Australian home. “I was looking for a challenge in a way – something to get me out of my comfort zone” says Clifford on the move. “I had come with the intention of doing 6 months and then going back home. That was eight years ago.”

He embarked on his PhD in 2011 after completing an honours year in Australia which saw him win the University Medal for his dissertation. Clifford decided to pursue his PhD studies in tourism, an area that he’d been interested in since working on a research paper with UOWD’s Dr Melodena Balakrishnan back in 2006.

Although predominately based in Australia, Clifford’s PhD research led to a further stint in Dubai, where he was given desk space by UOWD and encouraged to present his research to some of Dubai’s brightest scholars, including his supervisor Dr Greg Kerr. Meanwhile, support from his Australian supervisor Dr Lois Burges led to opportunities to receive valuable guidance for his studies from the Institute for Innovation in Social and Business Research and to network with the leading academics in the field.

In addition to a final thesis, Clifford’s PhD also led to four conference papers and 2 journal articles, with a future agenda for additional research and publications.

“Overall, UOW and UOWD together set me up for success in a field I feel passionate about. The academics I worked with have been excellent mentors and are people I look up to. With the technology we have today, distance becomes irrelevant – so working with two supervisors in different countries was a great experience,” concludes the scholar.

Clifford is currently broadening his skill set by working as a researcher at Australian consultancy Ruby Cha Cha, which has developed innovative research techniques to further creative and unique marketing solutions.


Nazneen Maymoun
University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD)

Ms Nazneen Maymoun, an MBA graduate from the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD), has been recognised for her outstanding career achievements at the 11th Emirates Women Awards.

Led by Dubai Quality Group and held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the annual awards celebrate the accomplishments of the UAE’s foremost women, both nationals and expatriates, across a number of judging categories.

Nazneen was honoured in the category of Career Achievements, which recognised her commitment to professional development, her dedication to quality and service improvements, and her personal input to the achievements of her organisation.

As the Director of Nursing for Sharjah Medical District, Nazneen is a proud Emirati nurse and a role model for women in her profession. Alongside the personal sense of achievement, the award is of huge importance to Nazneen, who hopes it will raise the profile of the profession and provide an inspiration for young Emirati women to pursue a career in nursing.

Nazneen says, “I am really happy to be the first Emirati nurse to be recognised at these awards, particularly for my professional achievements. I hope it will be a platform from which we can enhance the image of the profession in the Gulf region and really encourage local women to be a part of it.”

The award ceremony honoured exceptional women across five categories -Leadership, Strategic and Financial Planning, Career Achievements, Community Contributions and Innovation. Taking the award in the career-related category, Nazneen sees her education at UOWD as a turning point in her professional growth.

She explains, “UOWD literally changed my life. As a science student, I had little experience of business, finance, management and so on, but the MBA program broadened my vision and gave me an entirely new perspective on my career.

“My degree, and moreover, the whole experience at UOWD has certainly contributed to my professional success. I firmly believe that it’s the smartest investment I have ever made.”


Faisal Albakeri
The British University in Dubai

Faisal Albakeri is a 50 year old Emirati student who has completed his Doctorate in Education from The British University in Dubai (BUiD).

Faisal was born and raised in Abu Dhabi, where he witnessed most of the socio-economic development of the UAE. Faisal’s goal is to make sense of every minute of his life and utilize everything he knows and can do in the best interest of the UAE.

Faisal Said “In whatever I do, I always consult my conscience and logic. I do understand my capabilities, limits and boundaries, which help in defining and planning the extent of any work I intend to do, whether professional or private. Learning from my and others’ mistakes and consulting more knowledgeable people is another aspect of improving my capabilities and decision-making.

Living my life as a decent human being, I have set my five priorities in life; starting from practicing and improving my faith’s in a moderate and sensible way, then looking after my parents and family, to excelling at my work and studies, supported by looking after my health and well being, and last is building acquaintance base and very limited friendships. This is another aspect of how I seek excellence in my life.

Charity and helping others is a natural product of decent living of all human beings who seek happiness in life. Seeing others happy and trying to help them smile is another aspect of self-satisfaction and automatic actions that should exist and be encouraged in society, as part of social responsibility towards a better world and living environment.”

Faisal looks up to the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan as a role model and said “Not enough words can describe why this unique and charismatic leader is a role model and worth admiring and respecting.”

On being asked why he chose DIAC and the University, Faisal said “High reputation of the University and the quality of researchers, and the field of study meet my ambition to become an academic scholar and teacher”

His goal is to have a decent productive life and leave an impact or participate actively in the socio-economic development of the UAE; his dream job is to become a reputable higher education lecturer.

Faisal’s enjoys camping in the desert and ride sand dunes with quad bikes. He also enjoys travelling abroad to see the world


Kamsin Mirchandani
Manipal University

Kamsin Mirchandani is a 21 year old Indian student who graduated from Manipal University in Dubai with a BA in Interior Design

Kamsin is currently working with AEDAS Interiors Dubai, as an Assistant Interior Designer. When asked about her current Job, Kamsin said “In the one year with the firm Ive had the opportunity to delve into an array of responsibilities; from the preparation of documents for tender, to meetings with clients and project management teams, interviews with prospective contractors, and so much more. For the most part of it, my role requires me to put together the packages that are required for Design Development stages and Construction stages; in other words, how to prepare material adequate enough to get the project built. This involves coordination with our CAD team, workshops with product suppliers and manufacturers, and integral correspondence with design teams based in other Aedas offices”

Kamsin provided some examples on how studying at Manipal University prepared her for her job.

She said “At Manipal we were always encouraged to look at design in a broader perspective, one that is not restricted to just Interiors. We developed not only a keen sense of aesthetic but the eagerness to want to know how to make it a practical and achievable design. It necessitates the asking of questions to challenge your design, and in turn finding solutions through its most minute details. This is still the hardest part, but as you work, and get acquainted and more familiarized with this process, it gets easier. The faculty always ensured that there was collaborative work amongst students; by putting forth projects and tasks that required you to work as a team and coordinate amid your peers in order to succeed in that task. And this is really the only way you work in the industry too

Kamsin fondly remembers the time when she had gone to Sri Lanka and Turkey as part of her study tours “the most unforgettable memories at my years in Manipal would have to be those of our Study Tours. During our adventures in Turkey and Sri Lanka, we were able to experience centuries-old masterpieces; famous landmarks and eminent symbols of architectural history. This opened our senses to the vastness and complexity of design, how different cultures, different eras, different places found solutions for their built environment. It was fascinating…..”

Kamsin's interests are Reading, Photography and Travelling.


Vijayalakshmi Vedantham
Amity University

Vijayalakshmi Vendantham is a 17 year old Indian student studying a Bachelor of Engineering at Amity University in Dubai. Based on her academic merit, Vijayalakshmi has been granted a 100% Scholarship for her Undergraduate Degree.

Vijayalakshmi is a hardworking student who says “I always focus on understanding the underlying principles. This has helped me to understand what I learn, remember and apply”.

She has studied up to her 5th Grade in Chennai, following which she moved to Oman and then the UAE to continue her academics until the 10th grade, after which she moved back to Chennai to complete her final years in high school.

Vijayalakshmi’s scores at school have been very impressive and she credits this to her mantra for success “if you attempt to be excellent in anything and you try, success is definite.”

- 97% in CBSE class XII board exam.

- CGPA of 9.6 in Class X board exam.

When asked what she likes to do in her spare time, Vijayalakshmi replied “Practicing yoga asana, reading books, listening to music, playing indoor games like chess and Sudoku, designing and stitching clothes are the things I enjoy”

Vijayalakshmi hopes to work for the United Nations and when asked about her dream job and life’s ambitions, she replied “The present quota system in India and cost of education prohibit many talented children from dreaming big and pursuing their chosen field of study. To discover or create a programme that provides opportunities for children of all communities to pursue the career of their choice”.

Vijayalakshmi is a student of Amity University in Dubai which can be visited at: www.amityuniversity.ae


Jhon Good

  • Arjun Srinivas
    University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD

  • Clifford Lewis
    University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD)

  • Nazneen Maymoun
    University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD)

  • Faisal Albakeri
    The British University in Dubai

  • Kamsin Mirchandani
    Manipal University

  • Vijayalakshmi Vedantham
    Amity University

  • Jhon Good

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