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Do you offer small office spaces for your license segments? I am looking to get licensed as an individual freelancer?

Yes we do. Our Business Centre can offer what we call “Hot Desks”, which are basically single desks in an office environment that can be shared with others. You are free to come and go as you please and we also provide the license and visa you will need to operate here in the UAE.

A hot desk is perfect for Freelancers looking to have a space to complete office work such as email, browsing, printing and calling. Hot desk clients are eligible for one visa per freelancer.

I have an education brand that I would like to bring to Dubai but would like to start as a small office space to test the waters before I commit to a full Middle-East presence. Is it possible to organise this type of set up?

This is not only possible, it is actually recommended. We often encourage new academic partners to begin with a small office presence for the first year – an idea we like to term as an “Incubator” concept. This is when a University sets up a representative office with a small administration team here in Dubai. This allows our partners to become accustomed to the market and begin their marketing campaigns to increase interest before the University opens. This also allows the university to have a greater chance of a successful launch and minimises the associated risks with opening a branch campus of a branded academic institution in a foreign country.

Are there any vacancies in your organisation? I would like to join DIAC as an employee.

For information on career opportunities at DIAC please visit the “Careers” section on our website. Even if there are no current opportunities available, you are email your CV to us and we will contact you if any positions become available.

I want to send my child to one of your Universities , can you help organize a visa for him?

Yes we can. Our universities will assist with the organizing of visas and they will do this upon successful application to the university.

Are there any social events organised for students?

There are multiple events that occur throughout the year at DIAC. Many events are organized by our Student Hub team. Events such as the Week of Welcome, , DIAC Open Day, DIAC Career Fair,. DIAC Sports Cup and multiple career events are offered for the students. The Universities themselves also organize many events throughout the year for their own students. For more information please visit the “Events” section on our website.

Do you have any retail shops or restaurants on your campuses? What other facilities do you have for students?

Yes we do. We have a multitude of retail outlets to support our student and academic community. As well as a food court with multiple restaurants, we also have a Starbucks, Costa Coffee, newsagents, convenience stores as well as a well-equipped student recreation room with pool tables, games and LCD TVs.

I have a University brand that I am interested in bringing to Dubai. Can you help me set up in the UAE market?

We certainly can. At DIAC we are not only a real estate provider, we also aim to be your Higher Education consultant for the Middle East. We can advise you in terms of what courses to offer and what the demands are of our student population. We also offer incubator services where your academic institution can begin with a small space to gauge the market and grow from the ground-up. We recommend this service to new partners who are unsure of the Dubai market.

I have just heard of DIAC – what kinds of courses do your universities offer?

We have over 450 courses available to our students. We cater to regional workforce demands and offer a variety of courses where students can earn Diplomas, Undergraduate Degrees and Post Graduate Degrees. DIAC universities feature courses in:

  • Engineering
  • Audio Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • IT
  • Film Making and Animation
  • Mass Communication
  • Finance
  • Media
  • Forensic Science
  • Fashion Design
  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental Studies
  • Healthcare Management
  • Quality Management
  • Education
  • Project Management
  • Law
  • Islamic Studies
  • Diplomacy
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing

I have just moved to Dubai with my family – what sort of Universities do you have for my children?

At DIAC wehave 25 Academic Institutions offering over 450 academic programmes. We have universities from 9 different countries all in one convenient location. For more information, please click on the “Academic Partners” section of our website.

I have a University branch that I want to bring to the region; why should I choose DIAC as my partner? How are you different from any other Free Zone in the UAE?

DIAC offers many more benefits than your standard Free Zone. Most Free Zone operators are merely “landlords” and collect rent. DIAC offers many other added benefits including support from our PDM Team, PRM Team and other support services. We organize events for our academic partners and students and provide numerous networking opportunities.

DIAC also has the ability to license various kinds of academic service providers. It is these value-added services that places DIAC apart from any other Free Zone providers in the UAE.